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Welcome to MyLifeAtKroger, Kroger’s employee login portal. Every business is looking for an easy way to manage and communicate their staff information to their employees. There are almost as many solutions to this problem as there are companies with their benefits and restrictions. Supermarket chains such as Kroger are no different.


MyLifeAtKroger is the Kroger supermarket employees resource management system. MyLife@Kroger portal lets Kroger employees access their employee information such as paychecks, schedule and tax information. It also gives them access to their benefits such as the retirement plan, as well as checking and modifying their work schedules. 

As Kroger’s staff community site, the benefits available through MyLife at Kroger will vary based on the company’s current benefits structure. By reading further, you will learn what these benefits are and how you can use the system to access them.

MyLifeAtKroger Login

Logging into the MyLife at Kroger portal is pretty straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. First, Login to MyLife at Kroger website at
  2. If you’re a current associate, click on the “Sign in” button under the “Current Associate” section. If you’re a retiree or a spouse/domestic partner, click on the “Sign in” button under the “Retiree or Spouse/Domestic Partner” section.
  3. You’ll be asked to enter your User ID and password. Your User ID is typically your Enterprise User ID (EUID). If you’re not sure what your EUID is, it’s best to ask your manager or HR representative.
  4. After you’ve entered your User ID and password, click on the “Sign in” button.
  5. And that’s it! You should now be logged into the MyLife at Kroger portal.

Note: It’s important to keep your login details safe and secure. Don’t share them with anyone else. If you have any trouble logging in, it’s a good idea to reach out to your manager or HR representative for help.

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What is the MyLife at Kroger Employee Benefits Portal?

For transparency and to reduce communication issues with its employees, the Kroger Company established a personal management system that replaced an older Your Kroger Benefits website. Called MyLIfe at Kroger, the online portal is open to all employees of the company past and present, along with their spouses or designated next of kin. 

Kroger employees can access the portal through its designated website with the unique user ID and password they created during their staff invitation. Retirees who worked before the system existed can ask human resources for their credentials. Either way, once inside, you can access all your benefits through the portal’s dashboard. 

Along with their benefits, MyLifeAtKroger provides employees access to their personal information on file with the company. This information includes their wages and vacation time.

Other notable features of MyLifeAtKroger include:

  • Pay slips and check deposits
  • Search for a travel agency for a vacation
  • Schedule vacations
  • Access accrued reward points and bonuses
MyLifeAtKroger - Login to MyLife@Kroger Account

Accessing Your Benefits Through MyLifeAtKroger

While the portal lets you access all of these employee benefits and more, not all of them are directly implemented through MyLife at Kroger. In numerous cases, the portal just acts like a hub that forwards you to the other employee sites in the Kroger network.

Some of these external services include:

  • ESS – employee wage and payment information including paystubs.
  • Feed – weekly work schedules and schedule requests
  • SSO – employee profile and benefits management
  • Kroger Pulse Internet Application – access to one’s Kroger email address and other job-specific apps

Let’s look at these portals.

What is ESS Kroger com? is an online portal for employees of the Kroger retail company. It allows employees to access their work-related information, such as schedules, pay stubs, and benefits. The platform is designed to provide a convenient way for Kroger’s workforce to manage their employment details.

What is is the online portal for Kroger associates. It’s a platform where employees can access information related to their employment, including work schedules, pay stubs, and benefits. The site requires a secure login to ensure the privacy of employee data.

What is, or Single Sign-On, is a secure login portal for Kroger employees. It allows associates to access multiple Kroger-related applications and platforms using a single set of credentials, simplifying the login process and enhancing security.

What is is a virtual private network (VPN) service provided by Kroger for its employees. This service allows secure remote access to the company’s internal network, ensuring that data remains protected when employees are working from different locations.

Please note that these descriptions are based on my training data up to September 2021, and the current functionalities of these websites may have changed.

MyLife At Kroger Benefits

Using MyLIfe at Kroger offers Kroger employees and retirees several benefits though the most important ones are increased productivity and communication between employees and management, Other notable benefits include access to employee benefits and information as well as the most recent notes about company news, awards, events, and job announcements.

Available to All Current and Former Kroger Employees

MyLIfe at Kroger is open to anyone who ever worked for Kroger at some point in their lives. This includes those who worked for Kroger itself or any of its authorized business partners. It does not matter if you were a corporate employee or just a store associate. 

One User Account for Everything Kroger Offers

Your MyLife credentials are also universal and will work on any Kroger website. As a result, you only need a single account to access all of your employee benefit services such as Kroger Feed, Kroger Paystub, MyInfo Kroger, Express HR, and any other benefit service Kroger may offer in the future. 

One Stop Shop for All Kroger Employee Benefits

MyLife lets you access every Kroger employee benefit, perk, discount, and reward available to you. These benefits can be healthcare, financial, or career benefits. This quality-of-life convenience can help you live financially, socially, mentally, and physically well. 

Some of the more notable employee benefits you can access through MyLife at Kroger include:

  • 10 percent discount for shopping at any Kroger store
  • Health and medical insurance plans for dental, vision, general health, short and long-term care, and medical. These plans include COBRA as well. 
  • Pension plans that will give you guaranteed steady income for later in life. MyLIfe lets you manage your pension plan through investments and defined contributions.
  • Simple management of your Kroger 401k retirement savings plan. You can even use the portal to buy stock in Kroger at discounted prices.
  • Management dashboard for your Kroger personal accident insurance, life insurance, and a dependent flexible care spending account.
  • Easy access to your Kroger email address.
  • Other insurance, legal, and financial benefits such as home and auto insurance, attorney services, discounts on vehicle purchases, education grants, discounts on mobile phones and services, and many others. 

FAQ about MyLife@Kroger

Here is a list of most frequently asked question about My Life at Kroger.

What is the new Kroger employee website?

Hey there! The new website for Kroger employees is called It’s a cool place where you, as a Kroger team member, can check your work schedule, see your pay stubs, and find out about your benefits. Just remember, you’ll need your login details to get in!

How do I check my Kroger 401k?

Want to check your Kroger 401k? No problem! You can do this by visiting the Your Kroger Benefits website. Once you’re there, you’ll need to log in with your details. After that, you can view all the info about your 401k. It’s as easy as pie!

What app does Kroger use for employees?

Kroger uses an app called ExpressHR for its employees. This app is super handy! It lets you manage lots of work stuff right from your phone. You can check your schedule, update your personal info, and even apply for other jobs within Kroger. Just download it from your app store to get started.

How can I check my Kroger pay stub?

Checking your Kroger pay stub is a breeze! Just go to and log in with your details. Once you’re in, look for a section called “My Paystub”. Click on it, and voila! You can see all your pay details. Remember, it’s important to keep your login info safe!


MyLife at Kroger is the employee benefits portal for the Kroger supermarket chain. It lets both current and former Kroger employee ad associates access their benefits from anywhere and from any device. 

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